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INOX Cinemas Theatre Advertisement

INOX is one of the largest cinema enterprises in India, founded as the subsidiary of INOX Leisure Limited. Across 65 cities and 520 screens, it became an impressive choice among the viewers to enjoy redefined 7-star cinema experience. INOX is the most effective advertising platform to reach a mass audience and increase sales conversions. The Elite audience at INOX cinemas improves the maximum visibility of your brands with its advertising disruption factors. Advertising in INOX delivers the most personalized opportunities with their hyper-connected customers to your products and services. Filmyads helps you to advertise at INOX, the most incredible medium that makes your brand move ahead of the competitors.

Theatre Advertising

Watching movies is still fashionable today, despite the proliferation of television channels offering various entertainment options, including movies, in all languages. Similarly, despite the ubiquity of TV commercials, theatre advertising has maintained its luster, and going to the theatre is still on. Advertising in movie theatre is cost-effective and depends on the type of multiplex, cinema screen, number of seats in that multiplex, multiplex location, and multiplex brand. Theatre advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising since the audience has no choice, such as no remote controls, no radios, and no newspapers to toss away, but to watch the advertisement. There exists the magic of theatre advertising. The development of multiplex makes theatre advertising catch up with the trend. The distraction-free environment facilitates effective brand advertising and brand remembrance.

Filmyads helped several small businesses to achieve their results through theatre advertising over the years. Our theatre advertisements are of the greatest quality, with high-definition photos, engaging jingles, captivating text, calming music, assertive voice-over, and soothing background sound that create a lasting impact on the minds of theatre audiences. The media planning department at Filmyads offers the best marketing strategy to advertise your brand in a preferred medium at a suitable time. We plan everything with a single goal in mind- To engage audiences with high-quality slides to achieve an immediate call to action.

Brand outreach through INOX Cinemas

Advertising in Cinema, through INOX Cinemas, will lead to impressive brand outreach, considering the number of screens and their respective seating capacity.


No. of Screens

Seating Capacity

Tamil Nadu



*Note: Taxes extra as Applicable.

Contact us to get more information about other screens and locations.

The Branding options in INOX Cinemas

Mute Slide

Static slide within the selected timeframe. It can be for 10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, and so on.

Audio/Video Slide

Static slide played on-screen with an audio background score. It can be for 10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, and so on.

Ad Film

A video ad played on screen.

The steps in Execution

Mentioned below is the process required for a successful cinema campaign in INOX Cinemas:

  • Share your requirements: Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.
  • Plan the campaign with us: We will assist you in choosing cinema screens, the suitable ad format, audience reach, ad length, campaign duration, and the latest movie list to have a successful campaign on-screen.
  • Receive the best quotes: We provide the lowest assured rates with the best services for Cinema Screens across India. The cinema advertising rates differ according to regular movie week, blockbuster movie week, or mega-blockbuster movie week.
  • Provide creative: Provide an attractive creative to showcase your brand on-screen. The acceptable format of creative cinema advertising is .jpeg for ad slides and .mov for an ad film. Once you share, we convert into cinema ad format with the extra cost associated with it.
  • Creative Specification:

Ad Type


Ad Format 


2048 (W) X 858 (H) pixel, image: Minimum 300 dpi



High Resolution, Minimum 1080 dpi

.MOV or MP4


High clarity


    • Censor Certification: A censor certificate is mandatory before placing a video ad in cinema theatre. Advertisers can apply for a censor certificate or else we can offer it at an additional expense. The censor certification process takes at least a week.
    • Go Live: See your brand hit on-screen within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.
    • Receive proof of execution: Receive inspection passes through cinema theatre during the campaign period. An inspection pass is to inspect the streaming ads in a cinema theatre.

INOX Theatre Advertising Rates

S. No

Cinema Chain



Seating Capacity

Ad Rate [in INR] [Per week per second]


INOX National

Arcot Road



Contact Us


INOX, Chemmai Citi Centre

RK Salai



Contact Us


INOX, Chemmai Citi Centre

RK Salai

4 (3D)


Contact Us


INOX, The Marina Mall


1 (Atmos 3D)


Contact Us


INOX, The Marina Mall


2 (Atmos 3D)


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Why hire Filmy Ads for Advertising in INOX Cinemas?

Filmyads is the one-stop solution to provide the best services and accomplished advertising techniques to have remarkable cinema campaigns all over the nation. We have as many years of experience in media buying, planning, and execution and can provide high-quality services at comparatively lower rates. Team Filmyads has served thousands of clients in the brand promotion to successfully reach their target audience. We deliver plenty of cinema screens across Tamilnadu so you can create cinema advertising and marketing campaign that best fits your message, brand, and budget. In case you need any help with planning, please contact Director@

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