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Polimer News TV Advertising becomes more popular as it provides needful content to every age group. Polimer News has become a prevalent and trustworthy news source due to its consistent expansion. Our brand strategy can help you with video advertising in Polimer News to build the solid brand foundation you need for a successful ad campaign. Polimer News also provides teleshopping AD options and L band options. FILMYADS facilitates online ad booking at Polimer News from anywhere at any time. We are the experts in ad booking and campaign management. Polimer News is the subsidiary of Polimer TV network, launched in 2009. It is Chennai-based news TV Network and it is one of the leading Tamil-Entertainment channels. Every Tamil channel has its strength and audience. According to the TRP rating, Polimer News rates the top position. Innovative ad campaigns on Polimer News TV let brands communicate more effectively and establish brand recognition. FILMYADS are efficient in delivering appropriate messages to the right audience.

Prime Time 

Average Minute Audience [Impressions] 


Metro Share 

Urban Share 

Female Viewership

Male Viewership

Viewership in Tamilnadu

7 AM - 11 AM 

6 PM - 11 PM 








*Source from – Barc Data

Advertising Rates on Polimer News TV Channel

Rate for Prime / Super Prime Time 

Rate for Non - Prime Time 

Full Day Program Sponsorship 

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Media options with Polimer News TV Advertising Services

Advertising Rate for Polimer News differs with the timeband and is directly proportional to the reach. The best prime time to broadcast your commercial is from 6 pm to 11 pm, whereas 8 pm to 10 pm is the super prime time, in which the costs are subsequently higher than non-prime time. Even though we broadcast our commercial on prime time, there is a chance for reach to go down. As a media planning agency, we develop viable TV media strategies for your advertisement to sort out them.

Who should advertise in Polimer News TV Channel?

News channels are mostly a male-dominated industry, with a high index among the elderly, working people and other age groups. Advertising in Polimer News may be a good alternative to reach out to more Tamil dialects. Advertising in this channel generates a frequency, as the viewership increases at a specific time every day. As a result, you can use Polimer News for both reach and a frequency campaign. Spreading advertising throughout time bands will increase brand reach while concentrating inside a time band will increase frequency. Few categories which regularly advertise on Polimer News are Electronic Goods, E-commerce, Entertainment, Consumer Durables, FMCG, Banking, Insurance and Automobile.

Television Advertising Agency

Television is one of the popular leisure activities across the nation, creating an impact among all age groups in various demographics. Television advertising stands as the most powerful advertising medium with around 40 % of the direct impact rate. In TV slots, commercials are aired for a short duration of several seconds long. The slots are rated solely based on the program’s popularity and reach. Any commercial aired during this high-rated time slot will receive the most viewers. Commercials on television can be telecasted to viewers for a few seconds to minutes to display product information. Television advertisements in Chennai efficiently deliver specific information about a product or service to people.

Book Polimer News TV Advertisement with FILMYADS

FILMYADS is an established media planning agency for ad planning and buying on Polimer News provides a data research-backed plan and ensures that you get the best rates. We assist you to determine the best platform to advertise your business brands. If you opt to advertise in Polimer News, plan the frequency and timing for the advertisement and optimize the plans. Ads scheduling depend on the campaign objective and the pricing. Our ultimate responsibility is to ensure that the advertisement broadcasts on Polimer News and we will provide the analytics report to the advertiser. We provide you with the tentative log timing in which the ads aired in real-time. The TV channel issues a Telecast Certificate containing the exact timings of the ads shown at the end of the campaign.

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