Corporate video communicates the manufacturing facility

CLIENT: Gemini Corporation

SERVICE: Video Ads






The manufacturing industry plays a key role in economic growth that raises living standards more than any other sector. Our corporate video explains the art of manufacturing facilities with more economic activity than any other sector. 

PRODUCTION TEAM: Creative Director, Concept Creator, Script Writer, Storyboard Artist, Director, Assistant Directors, Cinematographer, Costume Designer, Art director, Lighting Technicians, Post-production- Editing, DI, Sounds & Dubbing, CG and VFX.



Our pre-production team created a script by understanding the vision and mission of an organisation. This corporate film production shows the manufacturing facility to produce different product ranges to deliver effective corporate communication. This helps the stakeholders and customers to understand the core values and competence.



Gemini Corporation approached us for Video Ads. The client’s requirement is corporate film production. The shoot was carried on both indoor and outdoor locations with an appropriate lighting set-up. Our cinematographer captures the manufacturing facility and various handling practices. Material handling and other industrial skills are realistically captured by our team.



Our post-production team created the computer graphics sequences required for the video. EFFE enhances with video with suitable sound effects and visual appearance to increase the aesthetic value.



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FILMYADS is a Chennai-based Ad Film Company producing television ads (TV Ads), Theatre Ads, and Commercial Films. You need not run behind a VFX studio or post-production company since we have in house capability for post-production services

We promote brands and their marketing activities for an organization with a unique emotional connection. Our experienced staff can ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and can help with everything you need through different production phases. We adapt to the needs of every client and build an innovative emotional connection to provoke the audience.



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